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Friday, November 5, 2010

Travis Demers

Travis Demers works at 1080 The Fan in Portland, OR as well as Comcast SportsNet Channel 37.

Me: How many players on the Blazers will make the All-Star team this year?
Travis: At this point, you can pencil in Brandon Roy to the All-Star team. LaMarcus Aldridge has the potential to get there if he can be consistent, which is easier said then done.

Me: Will Greg Oden ever make it in this league?
Travis: It's hard to handicap that. He clearly has the talent, and when he is in there, he is a very good player, with all star potential. Obviously injuries are holding him back, and you can't predict those things. I do think he will make it, but he has to prove that he can play more than 40 games in a season before he can prove his worth in the NBA.

Me: Rank the top 8 teams in the West
1. Lakers
2. Mavs
3. Blazers
4. Thunder
5. Spurs
6. Nuggets (they fall out of top 8 if Carmelo Anthony is traded)
7. Jazz
8. Warriors (call me crazy, I think Monta Ellis is extremely under rated and can make this a playoff team)
Me: Okay, you're crazy. Just kidding, the Warriors are a young team who do have a shot at the 8th seed.

Me: Rank the top 8 teams in the East
1. Heat
2. Celtics
3. Magic
4. Hawks
5. Bulls
6. Knicks
7. Bucks
8. Nets

Me: Who will beat who in the NBA Finals?
Travis: Lakers over Heat in 6 games. Until someone beats them, I can't pick against the Lakers.

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