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Friday, November 5, 2010

NFL Rapid Fire with Sam Farmer

Sam Farmer is an NFL writer for the LA Times. This interview was conducted on Monday November 1st.

Me: Who is the best team in the AFC?
Sam: New England

Me: How about the NFC?
Sam: New York Giants

Me: Who is the early favorite for MVP?
Sam: Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews

Me: Who should be the Eagles' starting quarterback when they come back from the bye?
Sam: Should be Kevin Kolb. Will be Michael Vick.

Me: How many starting NFL quarterbacks would you take in a draft before Chad Henne?
Sam: At least a dozen.

Me: Is Tony Romo the long-term answer in Dallas?
Sam: He's good enough to be. The Cowboys have more pressing problems than quarterback.

Me: Over/under: 2 more MVP's for Peyton Manning
Sam: Under

Me: What are the chances that LA has an NFL team in 5 years?
Sam: Decent. Certainly not a lock. I would have told you the same thing five years ago.

Me: What football position would be suit Kobe Bryant?
Sam: Holder on kicks.

Me: What will Bill Parcells do next?
Sam: Survivor.

Me: Who will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl?
Sam: Baltimore

Me: NFC?
Sam: Green Bay

Me: Who will win the Super Bowl?
Sam: Baltimore

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