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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bob Stelton is the host of The Bob Stelton Show on 101 ESPN in St. Louis.

Me: Do you think Albert Pujols will spend his entire career with the Cardinals?

Bob: I think Albert will spend his entire career with The Cardinals. I think as far as the Cardinals go, it's a no-brainer. He's the face of the franchise, if he's not the best, he's one of the best players in the league. He brings tremendous value not only on the field but, in off the field marketing, ticket sales, merchandise, etc... he's a brand.

I get the feeling from listening to him that he realizes what a great baseball town St. Louis is and there is a level of pride that he attaches to being one of those guys like Ripken or Jeter who spend their entire career in one uniform.

Me: Would you be mad at him if he left for, say, New York?

Bob: The only way I would be mad at him if he left, is if he left for a comparable deal somewhere else. If somebody blows him away with a deal that The Cards can't come close to (like the Rangers did for A-Rod when he left Seattle), then I don't blame him. At some point it would be ridiculous to turn down a deal like that. If it's close though, I would expect he would stay.

Me: What do you make of the Big Three with the Miami Heat?

Bob: The "New" big three in Miami are going to be fun to watch and will win a lot of games, no doubt, once they learn how to play together. But, I don't think they'll win the title this year. In fact, I don't see them beating the old big three in Boston (if KG, Pierce and Allen stay healthy). The Heat don't have anything down low to compete so, if the jumpers aren't falling and teams like Boston and Orlando with good defense keep them from driving to the hoop, they're going to have some trouble.

Me: Is Sam Bradford going to lead the Rams to the Super Bowl?

Bob: I'm not sure if Sam Bradford will lead The Rams to the Super Bowl or not. So much of that depends on the teams ability to surround him with enough talent to get there. And right now, they don't have Super Bowl talent. Eight games in to his pro career, he is showing that there is very little that he can't do. And he's as cool and composed as most veteran QB's in the league. There is no doubt that he is the real deal and, if he stays healthy in his career and the Rams don't get to the big game, it won't be because of Bradford, that is for sure.

Me: How is he going to compare to former Rams QB Kurt Warner?

Bob: I think Bradford has the chance to exceed what Warner did as far as career numbers go because, Kurt got a later start to his NFL career. But Kurt was surrounded with great talent, hall of fame talent in Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Pace, etc...those Rams teams were as explosive as any I've ever seen. And Warner as special during those years as any QB I've ever seen. Bradford definitely has all of the tools that Warner had and then some. He's more mobile and has a stronger arm. Warner was just so accurate and fearless though. It's a tough comparison but again, Bradford definitely has the ability. We'll see if he can develop it to the "Warner level."

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