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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bill Dwyre

Bill Dwyre is a baseball writer for the LA Times.

Me: Who has the best pitching rotation in baseball?
Bill: Rangers

Me: Where will Cliff Lee sign this off-season?
Bill: Yankees

Me: Will Kansas City trade Greinke? Where might he land?
Bill: I think he will stay.

Me: If Carlos Pena and Carl Crawford leave town, how long will it take for Tampa Bay to return to prominence?
Bill: It certainly will cost them a couple of rebuilding years.

Me: Will Bobby Valentine be managing next season?
Bill: I love Valentine... I heard him doing one of the playoff telecasts and in three minutes he told me five new things about baseball I never knew before. If I was an owner, I'd hire him in a New York second.

Me: Which LA team is better? The Dodgers or the Angels?
Bill: Angels, right now.

Me: What will happen to Rihanna's boyfriend, Matt Kemp?
Bill: If somebody offers the McCourts big money as part of a trade, he's gone.

Me: Can Kobe Bryant hit a home run?
Bill: Give Kobe Bryant three weeks of spring training and yes, you bet. He has the hands and eyes. All great athletes do. He would just need the repetition of practice to get comfortable.

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