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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bob Wright

Bob Wright is the host of the Baseball History Podcast. You can find it on iTunes or at baseballhistorypodcast.com

Me: Name a few of your favorite major league players of all time, and explain why you like them.
Bob: I'll stick with players I have seen extensively.

#1. David Eckstein because he has been an underdog/overachiever. He’s been with winning teams. Is it because he makes the teams better?

#2. Derek Jeter because he is an all around player. I like unselfish team players.

#3. Sandy Koufax because of his natural ability and courage of his convictions.

#4. Brian Downing because he worked so hard to make himself a better player.

#5. Jim Gilliam because he was such an unselfish player.

I tend to like players that are fast and can do the little things like bunt, hit behind the runner, steal bases, and play defense. I appreciate players that play above their natural ability.

Me: What is your favorite baseball movie ever?
Bob: No contest, Bull Durham.

Me: Which player has had the most eventful career?
Bob: Nolan Ryan (again, only among players that I have seen extensively)

Me: What is your favorite team and why?
Bob: I am a homer so I would have to say the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I like the style of play that Mike Scioscia uses that challenges other team’s defense. I also like the Rays and Twins because they are small market teams that put winners on the field.

Me: Who do you think will win the World Series?
Bob: I am answering this when the Giants are up 2 games to 0 against the Rangers, so it will probably be the Giants. However, they had a lead against the Angels in 2002. I would like to see the Rangers win but their inexperience with post season may be a disadvantage. Until they experience it, I don’t think that most young players know what the pressure is like as you go further into the post season.

Me: Where do you think Cliff Lee will sign this offseason?
Bob: Probably the Yankees, they've always got the money. I hope it's anybody but the Yankees.

Me: Do you think the Royals should trade Zack Greinke?
Bob: Yes, but not to anybody in their league, because he will probably have a big year. It would be better for the Royals if that big year does not come directly against them. It looks like he is going to be one of those up and down pitchers from year to year.

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